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members of the national board of credit education

Sophia Amin, Branch Manger, Account Executive & Board Certified Credit Expert

Sophia has many years of experience in the lending industry and Management. Sophia has been directly involved in the Credit Repair Industry since early 2006. She has utilized her combined experience in Lending, Management and Credit Repair to deliver to her customers top quality service combined with her knowledge and experience to assist her clients in achieving their personal financial goals. 

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Rolland Williams, Account Executive and Credit Expert

Rolland has been involved in the Credit Repair industry since 2005. He has been self employed so he can respect the how challenging it can be to obtain financing as a small business owner. Rolland has the experience, motivation and knowledge of what it takes to get financed in today's economy. He has a clear understanding of how credit works.

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Jack Olson, Customer Service Manager & Board Certified Credit Expert

Jack has been involved in the financial industry since 1996. He has logged years of training and experience as a Loan Originator, Loan Processor, an Account Executive and Loan Underwriter. Jack has written several published articles about Credit and how it works. Jack is the author of the "Truth about Credit Scores", one of the most well written articles on this subject. Jack has witnessed thousands of credit scenarios and knows solutions for each possible credit problem. Jack also knows what it takes to get the job done.

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Mathew S. McCoy, Regional Manager and Board Certified Credit Expert

Matt began his career working at his fathers Law Firm: DiMarco, Araujo & Montevideo back in 1991. Mathew was then recruited by Paul Reddam founder of, where Mathew logged several years as a Mortgage Loan Officer, Loan Processor, Underwriter and Manager. Mathew sharpened his skills as he climbed up the ladder of success and quickly became one of the youngest Branch Managers of American Home Loans. Mathew has a vast experience in Credit Reports, Credit Scores and how they function. Mathew has knowledge of how important credit scores are and he has the passion to raise your credit scores quickly and efficiently. Mathew keeps up to date on how the credit scoring models like FICO function and he knows what it takes to get the job done.

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EZ Credit Repair is committed to providing our customers with the very best Credit Score Optimization services. EZ Credit Repair acts an advocate and visionary for all consumers, working to set the policies that allow every person equal access to Credit Education and Credit Score Optimization services. EZ Credit Repair is working to provide a vision for a premier credit system and we are working in partnership with other stakeholders to ensure the highest levels of success for all in terms of Credit Reports and Credit Scores.

We only hired Board Certified Credit Experts to ensure that our customers are receiving the very best advice when is comes to their credit reports and scores. We pride ourselves in Customer Service and the personal attention that you will receive when repairing your Credit. We work one on one with every customer to ensure the highest level of success in the shortest period of time.

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Marissa Cohen, Account Executive & Board Certified Credit Expert

Marissa has been involved in the financial industry since the early 1990's. She has years of experience as a Loan Officer, a Loan Processor, an Account Executive and a Loan Underwriter with Wells Fargo Bank. Marissa has a vast working knowledge of Credit and how it works. She has worked with thousands of unique credit scenarios and knows many different and creative solutions for each possible credit problem. 

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